lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

FELT BAG corso a The WOOL BOX 15-16 feb 2014

So -I've come to Biella! This is going to be interesting. A FELT BAG course with only three persons who have made felt before. The other seven are going to have their very first experience with this incredible material. I'm excited for them!!!

work in progress

Not all bamboo pieces are resistant!

Joyfully sharing

Anita - ideas taking form

organic surfacedesign ... with knit

The luck of having cashmiergoats!

Lindas bag under the cover

-bagside with knitted net

Marta & Silvia... connecting

Silvana with her creation

New hat??

Silvia throwing to make it shrink...

Itati curing last details

Chiara with her knitted sheep


Anitas bag with knitted net triangles. Silvias bag with knitted bubbles
-some of the finished bags

On our way back home... the bagladies ;-)
THANK YOU all for opening up and sharing this experience together. It has been great meeting you all.
I'm so proud of what you accomplished in these two days.
And thank you to Linda, Alessandro & Emilio for all the back stage work.

4 commenti:

  1. Hi Lisbeth,
    Miss you already. U were a fantastic dedicated prof!!!
    sei un mito. grazie anche al woolbox x organizing. love wool 4ever

    1. Thank you Jeana!!!!
      It's been such a pleasure meeting you all! Loved the energy and atmosphere we created together!!!!!
      -And you were fantastic students... willing to take on the task within a time limit, all interpretating in your own personal way ;-)